Post no.5: Finishing post

I have now finished reading the book The Angle Collector and I thought it was very enjoyable. According to me, the book had the most elements a good detective novel should include and that are the following: tension, a strong main character, a lot of unanswered questions and some sort of turning point. I liked the way the book was written and Bali Rai’s way of mixing humor with tension and excitement. As I wrote in my first post I wanted a real page turner, which I also got. But of course I have some negative opinions about the book aswell. The story was a bit uneventful in the beginning and for quite a long time Jit was interviewing different persons although it did not seemed to lead anywhere. Something that I also did not like was that the conclusion happened a bit fast and the ending was quite abrupt. All questions were not answered and I did not quite understand the kidnapper’s motive. The book could have been a few chapters longer, that way you could have learned more about Stephen’s motive and what happened with the characters after the rescuing. But overall, I think the story was fantastic and it had the perfect mixture of humor and excitement.
I have already informed you about Bali Rai’s style of writing, but one thing that I actually forgot to indicate was that every now and then, the book contains recurring elements where the author chooses to write in third person in a man’s perspective. In the beginning it was difficult to connect these special chapters to the rest of the book. But slowly I started to form a connection between the man and the clues Jit had and soon enough I realized that it must be The Angle Collector himself.

As she faded she felt herself-being picked up like a rag doll. All the while he whispered softly into her ear.
‘There, there, my angle – we’re together now. . ‘.

(The Angel Collector, 2007. Bali Rai, p. 196)

This is yet another smart way of Bali Rai to build up attention and excitement for us readers. You get, as a reader, clues about who the killer might be. This makes the book very exciting and you know if he is on the right or wrong track.  I felt as a part of the story because I got to be involved and guess who the murderer could have been.
The book did not contain so many turning points as I had expected. The only major turning point, in my opinion, was when Jit received the message from Sophie. The tempo clearly increased after this and you could feel the conclusion come creeping. I started to read faster, because it was so exciting. The really thrilling excitement started after this, so it was a turning point in the sense that the mood of the book changed.
One person who changed a lot during the book was Sophie’s father Stephen. At first, he was presented as a very loving father who grieved his daughter’s disappearance. Therefore it came as a shock to me when I found out that it was Stephen, Sophie’s father, who was the kidnapper. As I said earlier, it was hard to understand his motives and the explanation were a bit short. For that reason, I had wished that the book was a bit longer so that you could have a more detailed explanation of Stephen’s motive.

But I am, despite my negative opinions, glad that I chose to read this book. It was hard to stop reading it because I was longing for the answer of who the kidnapper was the whole time, and the way there was very thrilling. As the book was so exciting, it made it easier for me to read in English. I will definitely recommend this book to my friends.

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