Post no.4: Turning point (p.197)

Jit has interrogated several people who were with Sophie and Jenna at the music festival, but without any substantial progress. The only meaningful information is about a weird-acting new age cult that was at the music festival. The leader of the cult is called Shining Moon and he has his basis in Scotland.

Every little thing reminds Jit of Sophie and that she might be somewhere waiting for him to find her. And for that reason is it hard for him to get his life straight and to concentrate on school. Now when Jit is getting closer to finding her, he cannot think of anything else. His parents are starting to react of that Jit does not seem to handle school very well and he has to lie to them. Jit left his cell phone at Anna’s, one of the many people he has interviewed. He called her to ask if he had some important messages on his phone. And it is at this moment that everything turns. One of the messages is from Sophie and she is still alive;

’You took your time,’ I said, only half joking.
‘Jit . . .’
‘Did you fall into the toilet or summat?’
‘Jit!’ she shouted at me.
‘What?’ I asked, getting angry.
‘I read the message . . .’
‘So . . .?’
Anna took a moment before she hit me with a thunderbolt
‘One of the message – it’s from Sophie.’
I dropped the phone and ran for the bathroom, using my hands to hold back the puke.

(The Angel Collector, 2007, Bali Rai, p.175)

The message from Sophie says;


(The Angel Collector, 2007, Bali Rai, p.179)

The message from Sophie affects him in many different ways, both good and bad. The thought that Sophie is still alive is difficult to absorb. He could not believe it. But at the same time it scares him, that she has been held captive for over eight months is hard to believe. Different thoughts flashed through his head. But at least now he knows that she is alive and there is nothing that can stop him. He is convinced that he will find her.
What he is sure of is that he needs to travel to Scotland to try finding the cult to get any further with his task. Because all the roads he had been crawling down seemed to lead to it. The only problem is that he does not know how to get there or what he will do when he actually reaches the cult. But without thinking through, he takes the next train to Newcastle where he will receive more information about the cult, from a person by the name David.

I thought this was a clear turning point in the book because it really changed the story. He has under a very long time tried to find information about Sophie’s disappearance, but with no positive results. It felt so hopeless, until he received the message. Now that I, as a reader, know that Sophie is alive, it makes the book more exciting and you just want to continue to read.

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