Post no.3: Main Character (p.104)

Jit continues his search for Sophie. With the economical help from Sophie’s father Stephen, Jit and Jenna are traveling around England to meet up with people who could have a clue about where Sophie was taken. He talks to people who lived at the festival. These people have already been interviewed by the police numerous times and Jit is being questioned why he is the one to find Sophie, even if the police did not succeed. But he will not give up; they may have forgotten valuable pieces of her disappearance that could lead him further than the police. He has talked with the two girls, Hannah and Louisa, who accompanied Sophie and Jenna to the festival. The guy which the four girls hitch-hiked with to the festival, an Australian guy called Jamie, has also been interrogated by Jit. I chose to stop here to describe the main character Jit, since I can tell from the different interviews what kind of personality Jit has and therefore describe how he behaves in several different scenarios.

In my opinion Bali Rai is a very good author. He writes in a way that makes the characters more believable and you really get to know them. The way Bali Ray chooses to describe Jit is very persuasive. He goes deep into the Jit’s thoughts and feelings and he describes him as a very decisive, independent and moody teenage guy. Jit takes the matter into his own hands and does not listen to anyone else. He has a strong desire and he is determined that he is the one to find Sophie, somewhere – alive. Although he constantly gets to hear comments that it can be dangerous and risky, he still keeps searching. And even if he is mostly described as the good guy, who looks for his love and never gives up in his search, he also have his negative sides. He is very doubtful and a bit violent.

‘Sophie was right about you,’ she said.
My eyes started burning. ‘Why – what did she say?’ I snapped.
‘That you were an obsessive little boy.’ There was almost pleasure in her voice when she said it.
‘Fuck you…’
‘Well – what are you trying to prove?’ she asked me. ‘The police can’t find her and you think you can? You’re just a headcase. . .’
In my mind, little eruptions of superheated lava began to go wild and red dots danced in front of my eyes. If Hannah had been a lad I would have shoved the cigarette up her arse. But she wasn’t and I didn’t. “

(The Angel Collector, 2007, Bali Rai, p.61)

Despite his strong will, he begins to doubt himself. The police have already failed what he is trying to do now, so why would he succeed? But even in the toughest and weakest moments, there is still something that keeps him going. And the more you read, the more you understand how much he really loves Sophie;

“Jamie glanced down at his bottle. ‘Don’t take this the wrong way, mate, but what makes you think you stand a chance if they didn’t find her?’
I shrugged. ‘I’m not sure that I do,’ I said honestly. ‘I just can’t sit around and do nothing any more – that’s all.’
He nodded his head, waiting for me to continue.
‘It’s just something we said to each other… once – about coming to look for each other if one of us ever went away,’ I added. ‘It was sort of a joke but since she went it’s all I’ve got…’
‘You must really love her,’ said Jamie.
I shrugged, feeling my cheeks begin to burn, and looked away.
‘I’m sorry,’ he said, sensing my embarrassment. “

(The Angel Collector, 2007. Bali Rai, p. 95)

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