Post no. 1: The Angel Collector

I am reading The angel collector by Bali Rai. Bali Rai is an author of teenage novels. He was born in Leicester in 1971 and comes from an Indian Punjab-family. His first novel for teenagers was That arranged marriage thingy. Bali Rai says that he is inspired by writers including Roald Dahl, Sue Townsend and crime writers like James Lee Burke, James Ellroy and Walter Mosely.

I chose to read this book mainly because I enjoy the tension in novels. I have not heard anything about this book until Elin introduced it to us in English lesson. It seemed to be very exciting and just enough creepy for my taste. I wanted a real page-turner.

The novel jumps right into the story, eight months ago, the teenage girl Sophie went missing at a music festival. Jit, Sophies  friend, once made a promise to come and find her if she ever went missing – a promise he is determined to keep.

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  1. Nice to see you have got started!
    /Elin S

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